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Dr. Paul Roebber

Dr. Paul Roebber has served at UW-Milwaukee since 1994 and is currently a Full Professor in the Atmospheric Science Group of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He is one of the country's leading synoptic meteorology researchers having been published in numerous professional journals. Paul currently serves as an editor for the professional journal Weather and Forecasting in which the latest advances in meteorological forecast operations are published. Paul has specialized in synoptic and mesoscale research and has an extensive background in mesoscale numerical model prediction. In addition to his well rounded education and experience background, Paul is a passionate teacher, winning the "Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award" in 2006. Dr. Roebber's research interests and abilities have also attracted the attention of many graduate students over the past 13 years. In 2006, Paul began the work of securing the initial ideas and concepts behind Innovative Weather and led the forecast initiative into becoming a reality in 2007.

In addition to his career as a university researcher and professor, Paul worked in the private forecasting industry in Canada for 5 years. His forecast research has led to improvements in the operational tools of entities such as the National Weather Service, We Energies, Weather Eye, Inc. and others.

Paul leads Innovative Weather as the administrator for the forecasting initiative. With his wealth of knowledge in weather forecasting, meteorological theory, computer programming and numerical modeling, Innovative Weather has the ability to develop tools that do not exist in operational settings today. Students and future meteorologists benefit from Paul's experience, his passion for teaching and his commitment to excellence, have helped lay the foundation for Innovative Weather. If you would like to contact Paul directly, feel free to email him at: roebber@uwm.edu

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